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Why Choose Us?

What our clients say…

‘Crest Migration is awesome. The service they provided was kind and thoughtful. Crest Migration kept us updated and that made us feel very comfortable.’

Kana Watanabe, Japan – secondary applicant on permanent residence 187 Employer-sponsored visa

Ours was a particularly hard case, which resulted in long hours of hard work by Crest Migration. I would recommend Crest Migration – best migration company on the Gold Coast!’

Clement Booth, Ireland – Secondary applicant on permanent residence 186 Employer-sponsored visa

“Crest Migration has been a tremendous help to us and our staff this year. Thank you for getting all those applications across the line. Crest Migration has changed many people’s lives for the better.”

Genevieve O’Reilly, Director of People and Culture, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, Australia

‘I have been to a few other agents and haven’t come across an agent who is as approachable. If you ask something – it will be answered. A high energy level and honesty were key parts of my experience with Crest Migration. Highly recommended.’

Alan D’Souza, India – 187 Permanent residence Employer sponsored visa

We previously had two tourist visa applications refused. Sed Crest then put together a very thorough application for us which included an extensive legal argument for our case. The visa was eventually approved which was a significant achievement, as apparently it can be quite difficult to reverse the trend of previously-refused visas.’

Shane Anders, Australia – 600 Visitor visa for partner in Indonesia

‘With Crest Migration’s hard work, I got permanent residency in Australia…I am really happy because everything was very clear. Sed kept me up-to-date on my file. I have already recommended Crest Migration to a couple of friends.’

Vishav Deep, India – Permanent residence 187 Employer-sponsored visa

‘Provided all-around advice – clear instructions for the visa applications… Excellent professional and speed in service during urgent periods is unbelievable.’

James Lee, Hong Kong – 570 Student visa and Permanent residence 187 Employer-sponsored visa

It was a very tough case, but Crest Migration set up a strong structure and gave professional immigration advice. We are very happy with the service. I would recommend Crest Migration – very nice and helpful and professional immigration solicitor.’

Louise Liu, China – Permanent residence 186 Employer sponsored visa

‘Quite astonished at the lengths gone to by Crest Migration in order for us to submit our applications in time to meet an unexpected deadline. We were continually given up to date information in order to ease our concerns on the status of our applications. Without a shadow of doubt we would recommend Crest Migration to family, friends and/or anyone who needs advice on any migration issues. Without Crest Migration we have no doubt that our visa applications would not have been accepted and approved. We would think it virtually impossible to make improvements to the service we received. There wasn’t an area that wasn’t explained and dealt with in the most knowledgeable, professional and timely manner.’

Julie Skyrme, UK – 804 Aged Parent visa with partner

‘When my workplace agreed to sponsor me, my big problem was that I may fail in the character requirements because of my car accident in 2009. I did consultations with more than 6 immigration lawyers in the Gold coast and in Brisbane. Nobody sounded promising and confident with my case. One day I just did Google search and that’s where I found the Crest Migration website. When I met and spoke to Mr Sed Crest, I felt that he is so confident with my case. Sed asked me to do many driving tests and courses, because he did not want to give any room for refusal of the visa application. Sed was ready with Plan B if it that happened. When there was a bit of a delay with my HR manager for paperwork, Sed met him in person and explained all the papers he needed…Sed was happy to meet in person too. This made us so comfortable and confident. Sed’s attention to detail was just great. He was very clear on what he wanted. When my partner needed to prove functional English, I was really busy with my work and all the centres were booked. Sed rang and booked an English test for my partner. I think no lawyer will go to that limit.’ My partner was enrolled in a Certificate IV and Diploma of Business course. She got her bridging visa before completing the Certificate IV. The school wanted her to do diploma as she was all ready enrolled and they warned us that they are going to report to immigration if she does not attend school. We spoke to Sed about it. Sed rang the school and explained and solved it.’

Tamilmani Chidambaraswami, India – Permanent residence 187 Employer-sponsored visa and his partner

‘Sed Crest offered “outside the box” advice to enable my wife’s parents to immigrate to Australia. Forget what every other agent can offer – this is personal, professional and knowledgeable advice. Absolutely happy with the service we received – not only because the visa was approved but the constant communication with advice and next steps was outstanding, including working on weekends. Sed Crest and Crest Migration would be the first referral I would give to anyone looking to migrate to Australia. Sed’s knowledge of the legal and immigration system is incredible and will help you and your family achieve your own goals.’

Nick Smith, Acting Head of Commercial Banking, Southport, Australia, Westpac Bank – 804 Aged Parent visa

‘Crest Migration was suggested to me while I was doing my tax return documentation through a highly reputable Australian tax company. Crest Migration provided me various options and advice on obtaining Australian permanent residency with legal work rights in Australia. I have been a client of Crest Migration since July 2013. Crest Migration provided me beneficial consultations through face to face meetings, phone calls and email. The advantage of working with Crest Migration is quickly-provided responses based upon your request on visa issues. ‘I would definitely recommend Crest Migration to anyone who is looking to obtain working, student or residence visas in Australia through healthy and honest ways. Crest Migration always provides clients with valuable and sensible solutions based on integrity and honesty.’

Babak Fallahi, Iran – 489 Skilled Regional Provisional visa