Australia’s visa policy minister, Scott Morrison, said that he was passionate about the new $5 million investor visa and positive about skilled visas. He also said that Australia was arguably the most successful immigration nation in the world today at the Sydney meeting a few days ago.
On the new $5 million investor visa, the minister said that he was passionate about this visa but there were still some bits he wanted to change. He said the government is looking at the individual investor and the inter-generational transfer of wealth. He confirmed that the government is flexible about the primary significant investor visa applicant. He said that Australia wants the kids to go to Australian schools and universities. The minister confirmed the $5 million investor visa served a much bigger national purpose.
On skilled visas Minister Morrison said that the government was positive about skilled migration as it creates jobs. He said that Australia needed to reinforce the working parts of the visa programme and that it delivers prosperity.
“When people come to Australia they can get a job, learn the language and integrate,” he said.
Morrison was upbeat on how temporary visas often led to permanent residence visas for many people. He said that temporary visas were becoming a pre-cursor to permanent residence. He also said that regional movement is important to the Australian government and that regional migration agreements would be a factor.