There is still a large number of occupations for PR in regional areas

The Australian government changed the occupation lists for employer-sponsored visas again on 1 July 2017. The new occupation lists apply to 457 temporary employer-sponsored visas as well as permanent residence visa applications such as the 186 visa. The occupation list for the 187 visa, which means immediate permanent residence is still a long list.

The occupation list for sponsored employment in regional locations in Australia (the 187 visa) is still very long and includes a long list of diverse occupations including hairdresser, cook and fitness centre manager. The regional areas can be very surprising as Carrara and parts of Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast are considered regional. The 187 visa does not require a skill assessment, which can be a long and uncertain process. The 187 visa requires competent English (IELTS 6 or equivalent) and the applicant must be below 45 years of age.

The temporary employer-sponsored visa, the 457 visa, will continue until March 2018 when the government has announced it will replace this visa with a similar visa called the Temporary Skills Shortage visa. There are now two occupation lists relevant for the 457 and 186 visas. These occupation lists will change every 6 months at the beginning of July and the in December. The MLTSSL occupation list is a short list and only available for a small number of occupations, but can lead to permanent residence. The STSOL occupation list is only for temporary employer-sponsored visas for up to two years and does not lead to permanent residence.

We often advise our clients our clients to find an employer in a regional location to sponsor their immediate permanent residence visa application through the 187 visa as this is usually the fastest and least-expensive pathway to permanent residence.

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