The Australian government has announced which jobs require labour marketing testing for temporary work visas after 23 November 2013.
Labour market testing means the employer sponsoring the visa application must show it was unable to fill the job through advertising or other ways before offering the job to the temporary work visa applicant. Sponsoring employers need to show they tried to fill jobs first by employing Australian workers or eligible visitors on a working holiday visa or work and holiday visa.
Labour marketing testing will NOT apply to:
  • ANZSCO level 1 or 2 jobs
  • Jobs helping with disaster relief or recovery
  • employees under a labour agreement
Australia’s trade agreements mean that labour market testing will NOT apply to:
  • temporary visa applicants from New Zealand, Chile or Thailand
  • current employees of associated businesses located in New Zealand, Chile or ASEAN countries
  • executives or managers of associated businesses in WTO member countries
If the sponsoring employer has retrenched or made redundant an employee in the last four months, the sponsoring employer may have to explain the redundancy or retrenchment. They would have to show labour market testing after the retrenchment or redundancy.
Of the 650 or so types of jobs that available for temporary work visas, only about 200 types of jobs require labour market testing including blacksmiths, some mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plasterers, bakers, cooks, shearers, florists, make-up artists, divers, flight attendants, jockeys and footballers.
For the full list of occupations that require labour market testing, contact Crest